Parkside Business Park - Doncaster

Spurlite were contacted by Bardo Electrical who had come across us after using our products on a project specified by an electrical consultant. Parkside Business Park was running over budget and we were asked to provide an offer for the exterior lighting to pull the project costs back on track.


Using our Megin range of luminaires, Spurlite were able to provide a more cost effective design and reduce the overall electrical load of the installation.


The illumination level requirements for the service yard and car parks were to provide 50 lux and 40 lux respectively with the access road illuminated to 20 Lux.


The wide range of wattages available within the Megin Luminaire range allowed us to use a 209w fitting for the higher level spaces and a 35w fitting to the roadway. This provided continuity of luminaire style across the site.


The Megin has several distribution patterns so through considered design we were able to provide the luminaire distribution that perfectly match the spaces they were illuminating.

In addition by only needing shallow aiming angles we ensured that there was zero light above the horizontal and minimal spill light beyond the site boundaries hence easily meeting compliance with control of spill light to meet the requirements of Breeam.


As a result of this successful project Spurlite have continued to work with Bardo Electrical and expect to secure several more similar projects.

Examples of products used