MEY House - RiskSTOP

RiskSTOP based in Poundbury, Dorset, is now the UK’s largest independent provider of risk management services to the insurance sector and as part of their on-going programme to reduce their personal carbon footprint they made the decision to renovate their office lighting to improve performance and make them more energy efficient.


The original installation at the company headquarters had old direct/indirect luminaires using 2 x 55W lamps, which were very inefficient and had been the cause of numerous complaints from staff regarding the quality of illumination.


The Challenge


Energy efficiency was top of the agenda and with this in mind the client had a particular interest in using progressive LED technology as a core element of this refurbishment project.


Spurlite were asked to provide a sample of an LED panel to compare against another competitors panels that were under consideration. The contractor, James Brown of RB Electronics Ltd, asked Spurlite to meet the client, complete a survey and produce a design.


The Solution


A full measure-up of the site was carried out and the lighting designs completed using our Reflecta LED Panel (which outperformed the competition in all categories under review).


Reflecta was chosen as the best solution in the office areas as it offered comparable performance with the existing fluorescent fittings but with far greater energy efficiency.


The Results


The end result was an installation that felt not only brighter but more open, as the panels give a much higher spread of light reducing the shadowing cave-like effects of traditional louvred products.


The energy saving was also enormous, only 41W per fitting compared with the previous circa 110W per fitting of the old installation.


Additionally, the use of Spurlite LED fittings means that there will now be far less associated maintenance costs too, as there were numerous lamp failures previously.


James Brown of RB Electronics Ltd commented “Spurlite provided a professional and practical lighting design service. In addition to this the LED panels were lightweight and easy to install. I can highly recommend this service.”