Marlands Shopping Centre - Southampton

Spurlite joined forces with energy management consultants Co2 Target to develop a lighting installation that would both enhance the lit environment within the shopping centre and provide energy efficiency and energy management.


The initial design looked to replace old existing fluorescent and metal halide downlights and linear trough systems with new LED downlights. The initial indication was a better than 50% reduction in energy, this was then further enhanced by the introduction of one of Co2 Targets other partners , LiteIP.


LiteIP specialise in WIFI lighting control systems allowing a complete lighting control system to be introduced without the requirement of additional lighting control wiring. A WIFI lighting control module was introduced into the control gear box of each luminaire installed giving a high degree of addressability and control.


The final installation now makes full use of the significant amounts of daylight available within the space and dims the luminaires to levels as low as 5% for much of the day, turning them off in some instances. This has added enormously to the energy reductions achieved by the system.


To ensure that the installation went smoothly during the evening and nights when the shopping centre was closed, all luminaires were supplied with plug and play leads and a system of modularised wiring provided to simplify the install. This allowed sections of lighting to be installed without major alterations to the wiring infrastructure, so every morning on opening the lighting would be available for staff and customers to continue their normal activities.


Throughout the main shopping malls a mixture of DOT 9156 LED luminaires and Crystal Led downlights were used. The Crystal introducing a degree of sparkle to the design, whilst the DOT 9156 did the main lighting job. In areas where the mounting heights increased the DOT 9700 range was utilised with drivers selected to provide the required light output for the needs of the area.


One of the main entrances into the shopping centre resembles a street scene, for this space the Megin street lighting lantern has been used, with custom built wall mounting brackets, the end result being a brightly lit entrance space that makes the centre more alive and welcoming, one of the key aims of the design brief.


The finishing touches utilised Avoir LED spotlights and Kirk exterior Led spotlights to enhance certain features within the centre such as the large Hexagon sky light and the front entrance steelwork.


Examples of products used