Lower House Farm Waste Transfer Centre

Lower House Farm is a brand new £3.5 million recycling centre and waste transfer station in North Warwickshire.


When it becomes fully operational the state-of-the art household waste recycling centre will be capable of taking 10,000 tonnes of material a year and the transfer station will handle up to 70,000 tonnes of waste.


This new facility required a comprehensive lighting solution that incorporated a range of security, post-top, emergency and interior lighting.


This site is one of several similar facilities Spurlite have installed in conjunction with Electrical Contractor Spie Matthew Hall.


The Challenge


The Electrical project manager, Nick Bampton, wanted a company that could supply products for every area of the project to provide a one stop shop. This suited Spurlite's wide product portfolio perfectly and we covered the needs of the project from Interior industrial, office spaces and all exterior lighting.


The main challenge was to prove compliance with a consultants lighting design for the exterior lighting and, in particular, the need for the exterior lighting to adhere to light pollution regulation.

The Solution


In addition to supplying product, during the design phase of the project, we worked with Spie Matthew Hall to ensure that the design met the requirements of the specification including a full report to confirm that light pollution regulation was being met. Some basic visualisation modelling was also used to give an impression of how the finished site would appear.


The final installation consists of a large waste handling shed illuminated with 400W metal halide highbays, a re-use shop where linear T5 battens were supplied and a small office complex. The exterior was lit with column and wall mounted flat glass street lighting lanterns and wall mounted bulkheads.


The Forestreet lantern used for the main exterior lighting is extremely efficient and met the criteria with ease, also the light cut off above the horizontal provided by the flat glass optic allowed us to surpass all light pollution targets.


In addition to fittings, Spurlite also supplied the basic lighting controls for the project which in the main consisted of PIR movement and daylight detectors.


The Results


The end client was looking to achieve a cost saving against the original scheme design. In conjunction with Spie Matthew Hall we were able to provide a scheme that met both the financial and technical requirements of the project.


The project was delivered in full and on time and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.