leisure and hospitality

Numerous scientific surveys have shown the effects and impact lighting can have on all aspects of our lives including, work efficiency, study comprehension, the capacity for concentration and even our general health and well-being.


However, are these findings important or even relevant when considering lighting design for the leisure and hospitality industry? Can it be used to transform a place designed for relaxation and enjoyment into an even more pleasant experience for the consumer?


Being in a café or a restaurant, going to the cinema or simply having a walk in the local shopping mall… these are activities that we do for enjoyment, relaxation and to spend time with family and friends. Lighting is an important contributing feature in the extent to which we enjoy and benefit from that activity or experience.


Two identical places or establishments, visited at the same time of the day but lit in different ways, can transmit totally different feelings and sensations to their visitors, either in a way that enhances or diminishes their experience.


If lighting can have such a powerful effect and influence on individuals , it stands to reason that it should be used in a way that creates an enjoyable and relaxing environment that people want to return to.


From a lighting design perspective therefore we would consider such options as creating different light levels and functionality dependent upon time of day and use. Can certain areas be lit differently to others in order to create a variety of atmospheric conditions appropriate to usage in those areas?


These effects can be achieved in many ways; colour temperature, contrast lighting, dimming options, directional lighting etc. Spurlite will consider all of these and more when working with our clients to create an environment that their customers will enjoy and want to return to again and again.






Example Design Solutions