Replace your old traditional light fittings with high performance, energy efficient LED with no upfront costs


















It is common knowledge that replacing old traditional style light fittings that utilise gas discharge, halogen and old fluorescent lamps with modern energy efficient replacements, such as LED, makes sound financial and ecological sense for any business.


Lighting is something that most businesses just consider a necessity without really looking at what percentage of their annual energy costs are attributed to this. When the expense of replacement lamps and maintenance are added in, these costs really begin to mount up.


Replacing old fittings with new energy efficient ones, and doing so in a way that means the lighting is designed for the specific way your business uses the space is going to enhance the work space, reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately save you money, by not only saving energy but also reducing maintenance costs.


That's all well and good, you may say, but the upfront costs for a small to medium sized business to make this changeover is not insignificant and we just don't have that sort of spare capital available in the short term.


Well, with Spurlite Leased Lighting there are no upfront costs.... allow us to explain.

How it works


Step 1


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Step 5


Spurlite meets with the client to identify viability for the scheme. *


If the client is interested, Spurlite sends details to the funding partner for the purpose of a credit check prior to the commencement of any work.


Once the client has been approved, Spurlite carry out a detailed site survey and produce energy savings calculations and payback periods for the client.


The client is provided with the lease repayment schedule by the funder and will agree specific terms for their contract.


Spurlite arrange the supply and installation of the new fittings and the client commences lease payments to the funder.


LED lighting solutions can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%


* Viability criteria includes a minimum project value of £10K plus and energy payback period.


Cost savings

When it comes to the savings that can be made by switching to energy efficient lighting, more than just the savings made on the electricity costs needs to be taken into account.


All lamps (bulbs) have an expected lifetime represented in 'burn hours'. Older, inefficient lamps have a much shorter lifespan compared with LED equivalents. For example, a 250W Metal Halide double ended lamp has an average lifespan of 10,000 hours, whereas the LED equivalent will typically have a lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours.


In addition, when a lamp does fail, maintenance costs for replacement due to inaccessibility and the need to comply with regulations can be significantly more than the cost of the replacement lamp itself. Therefore, it stands to reason that the longer the lifespan of the lamp, the more maintenance costs are reduced.


In conducting a site survey and producing cost savings calculations, Spurlite take into account all these factors and provide this data to the client.


In the table opposite we have representative cost savings based on a large warehouse fitted out with 320 T8 fluorescent fittings of various types which burn for 5000 hours each year.


This example looks at the associated costs of the current installation compared with LED replacements over a typical 5 year lease period.


As you can see, there is a combined saving of over £20,000 during the 5 year period with considerably more to be made in the years that follow.


In addition, this example scenario would also result in a reduction of over 450,000 kg CO² which equates to saving 4,500 trees!

Calculations based on a typical 5 year lease period.

T8 Fluorescent

(existing installation)


(new installation)

Energy Consumption:


Energy Cost (7.9p per kWh):


Maintenance Costs:


Fittings and Installation:

(repaid through lease)


Total Costs:

1,350,000 kWh










485,000 kWh










Total Savings:


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