LED Drum

This fitting was made in 2 sizes, 500mm 44W and 700mm 64w.


It is a suspended narrow drum luminaire with high efficiency Opal diffuser and with LED modules delivering approx. 4500 lumens and 6800 lumens


Spurlite have been involved in the design and production of a number of custom and bespoke fittings  which are created to address specific customer requirements.


Below are just a few examples of these.  Please contact our team if this service would be of benefit to your project.

T5 Cylinders

These bespoke fittings feature a 2x21w T5 in a 900mm suspended opal polycarbonate cylinder and 2x14w T5 in a 600mm version too.

Suspended Globes

These suspended globes were produced in 2 sizes, 400mm and 500mm diameter with 1x32w TC-DEL and 2x32W TC-DEL respectively.

Acoustic Raft

This acoustic raft luminaire with louvre houses 2x49w T5 lamps.


The infill panels mounted between have cut-outs to accommodate PIR’s, recessed emergency LED luminaires and DOT 9200 downlight fittings at strategic points.

DOT Gold

This example of a custom fitting we produced features a DOT 9136P LED downlight with a matt black bezel and a gold anodised aluminium reflector.


The effect it creates is stunning!